Heh. A blog. Another voice, one of millions… who cares? You don’t? Fine, move along move along… this blog is for me to work things out in my head… with the added psychologicial effect of ‘writing it for someone else’s benefit.’ I don’t journal… I think faster than I type or write and so its never been effective. So this is me, thinking out loud. I’m likely to post a bunch of thoughts here altogether… probably in separate posts, like chapters. I’ve had a running dialouge in my head for sometime and frankly, its just too damn noisy in there now. Thoughts that have been banging around in there since January need some organization…
I’m 30, no longer a single mother, working, developing my steampunk side, and a part time pirate. www.puzzlepirates.com. Look me up on Sage as Lizabeta sometime and say hey. Likely, this blog isn’t of any interest to anyone but me… but at the moment… I’m finding it mighty soothing. If I went to school with you, send me a Hullo. I’ve lost touch with a lot of folks… bad habit of not staying in touch… but recently heard from Julia Shallock and Joie who married tall white Joe. I’d love to hear from Tall Black Joe… but last I checked, he’d dissapeared and no one knew where. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about high school and friends and life then… probably because my daughter is in high school.

“ Remember what your knees are for… ” a line from Sugarlands “Love Your Baby Girl” song. When I first heard this line, I snorted, thinking that her mama was reminding her to keep her legs closed, her knees together. Apparently the mother in the song is encouraging her upcoming star daughter to not be amiss in her prayers.

 Maybe her mother meant both.



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