Posted by: Lizabeta | April 23, 2010

Mouse In The House

Last night, Aleks slept downstairs, convinced something was in his room. Potentially a mouse, possibly a raccoon by the description, or a Tasmanian devil. But I let him sleep downstairs anyway. Today, he was Justified.

Kelsey tried to go to bed, came out to say she heard scratching in her room. Kirk tried to find the source, no luck. She went back to bed. Then she called me (she was upstairs, we were in the basement) to say there was a noise in her vent For Sure. But she passed on coming downstairs.

About 5 minutes later we hear Frantic Feet Pounding their way down Two Flights of Stairs. Excitable Freaked Out Teenage Girl comes barreling into the playroom to say Its In Her Drawers! (What is?) The THING the It’s IN there It’s Eating (What? Where is it? and what did you see?) It’s a Mouse! It’s in my Rollie Thing.

(exasperation) We go upstairs to find IT. “ITS” vacated her “Rollie Thing” (storage cart on wheels, btw). It was munching on a ball of aluminum foil from some chocolate when it was confronted with 105 lbs of excitable female. 100 of them Kelsey, 5 of them Dottie who had sniffed out the little rodent and let Kelsey know where to look.

Well… We couldn’t find the THING anywhere.. but we put a box over the vent. Kelsey tried to go back to bed.

5 minutes later, down comes Ms. Excitable. It was IN her BED! IT was THERE and IT was RUNNING and she THREW an algebra BOOK AT IT AND NOW SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT IS BUT ITS THERE AND SHE CAN’T SLEEP! (By IN her bed, she really meant UNDER her bed, btw and the barrage really sounded like that looks.)

So I tell Kelsey to stay there and I go back up. Dottie is still in Kelsey’s room acting like it’s Christmas morning and I’ve waited too long to wake up. She’s prancing and whining and focused on finding the mouse. (Which, I’ve been informed, is small, grey and pretty cute.)  Kirk follows upstairs, bringing the flashlight. As he enters Kelsey’s room, I can hear Aleksandr’s extortions to please please don’t squish it. Please use a trap, like in the cartoons, with just a net, or a box that will fall on him. So Kirk has me go get a box. No, we weren’t going to prop it up with a stick and hope he ran under it, conveniently knocking the stick down and trapping himself. We were going to make the box the only choice to run into and a ‘safe haven’ from us.

Dottie is going NUTS. She’s sniffing and pouncing on anything that moves. She’s INTENT. She’s got the mouse pinned behind Kelsey’s dresser in the closet. Problem is… Kelsey has so much stuff on the floor of her closet, there is no way we can catch the mouse. So everything starts coming out, one bit at a time, being tossed on Kelsey’s bed as we make sure it is Mouse-Free.

I’ll just sum up the crazy bit at the end where Kirk and I chased a grey mouse around a 7X3 closet for 30ish minutes, attempting to get it into the box. At one point, Kirk would have rather smashed it than continue trying to get it into the box, but he persevered, for Aleksandr’s sake (or mine, I’m not really sure). The mouse did get OUT of the closet, into the main room. This mad dash for escape was met with the very cute but not so fierce Dottie the Wonder Chihuahua who did not let that mouse out of her sight. Much pouncing and pointing occurred. Through a series of mishaps and lucky chances, the mouse did in fact run INTO the box we had prepared and thus was SAVED from the terrible fate of Thunk-The-Spider-Squisher or Dottie The Wonder Chihuahua.

The little grey mouse was awfully cute, for a wild rodent… and was relocated to the apartment complex garbage bin for the feast of a lifetime. Aleksandr was MUCH relieved that Mr. Grey Mouse was saved and Kelsey was Much Relieved that her bed was Rodent Free. I was much relieved that I didn’t have to hear, witness or clean up the results of any Mouse Squishing. I can’t tell if Kirk was Relieved or Exasperated by the whole affair. I have a feeling that the mouse was much relieved too, but I didn’t interview him before setting him free.


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