Posted by: Lizabeta | March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids – Night Time Egg Hunt

If your kids are like mine, they probably grew out of easter egg hunts around age 9 or 10… when find the eggs became too easy and you ran out of harder places to hide them.

One year, we tried an egg hunt in the dark and ooooo boyoboy! We hit on something so much fun that even at age 17, my step-daughter is still looking forward to it! We use only plastic eggs (cause no one wants to step on a hard boiled egg) filled with candy or fortunes or coins. My husband and I hide them all over, up and down, along baseboards, even in plain sight on tables, the floor, on top of cushions, in cracks, … whereever. The key is… get a mini flashlight. Something that uses a single AA battery or less. If you only have larger flashlights, tape a few layers of tissue paper or that adhesive backed plastic wrap over the top. Something to diffuse the light. Close all the curtains, turn off all the lights (wait till its dark, obviously) and let the kids come in. We’ve had anywhere from 2 to 10 kids, depending on the year. Let them scour! It’s HARD when its dark! It’s amazing what they miss! Don’t forget to remove any precious breakables before you let them loose! Eager children in the dark tend towards the clumsy!

On years when we have 10+ kids hunting… my husband brings a maglight without a cover. If the older kids seem too greedy or like they still have too much of an advantage… he flashes the mag light right in their eyes… temporarily blinding them and making the little ones giggle hysterically as they watch their older siblings stumble.

Usually what has happened though is the older kids have fun, get some eggs and towards the end, they help the younger kids find the missed eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark – The Solution to Kids Growing Too Old For Fun.


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