Posted by: Lizabeta | September 2, 2008

White Balance

In a perfect example of “What Does White Balance Mean?”: A display of energy saving lightbulbs of different sorts. This is a photo I took at the California State Fair;  

A Display of Energy Saving Light Bulbs at the California State Fair
White Balance; Taken with a Canon Rebel XTi, 1/640 sec. f/5.6; 200 ISO. 

 The room was actually very brightly lit; these ‘floating boxes’ are actually inset into a large white room partition. I’ve done nothing to enhance this photo at all.

White Balance ; an explanation.




  1. We just had new energy-saving fixtures and bulbs installed in the manufacturing facility where I work, and the difference is amazing. The whole place is brighter and has a different shade of white than it did before, making identifying resistor bands easier.

    Interesting how changing a lightbulb can make a big difference . . .

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