Posted by: Lizabeta | July 17, 2008

Cause every little boy should catch a tadpole

…and have a frog!

A few months ago, when the weather was just beginning to warm up, we went to a park with a lake and caught some massively huge bullfrog tadpoles. We have a horse-trough-turned-backyard-pond with lilies and goldfish and its own little ecosystem. We thought it could use a new inhabitant. In went seven large tadpoles the size of large egg yolks. The scurried around, dipped underwater and I didn’t see them for several weeks. I thought perhaps our crawdads ate them or they just couldn’t stay near enough to the surface to stay warm or get enough oxygen.

But lo and behold! One morning I step onto our back porch and what is looking at me but my own tiny little kermit, sitting on a lily pad just like all good frogs should! Since then, we’ve created a secondary small pond with plants and it’s own stock of live food (mosquito fish are plentiful in both bodies of water). A new frog crawled out of the water last week and this morning we have yet another new frog! Two frogs are in the large trough and one has been relocated to a less cannibalistic atmosphere. He just doesn’t know what kind of lucky frog he is!

It's not that easy being green

It's not that easy being green

Tank Brothers

Tank Brothers

If I can't see you, you can't see me

If I can't see you, you can't see me



  1. Them’s some cool looking frogs! We have had our share lately. My wife took a great shot and posted the picture on her new blog. Look for the She Who Must Be Obeyed page on my blog to visit hers.

    And, yes, every kid should play with frogs at least once. Just to get over the “eeww” factor they carry.

    Your new “ecosystem” sounds lovely . . .

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