Posted by: Lizabeta | March 23, 2008



Just when I feel like I’ve made a decision and I’m just getting up the nerve to follow through on it… something happens…. Like…

 My husband has no work. And me? I’m working 40 hrs a week. But, my employer forgot to take out my portion of our health insurance for two months. So they want to divvy that $1400 over the next 4 months… Meaning, after they take out insurance, taxes and this ‘back insurance’… I’ll have enough left over in my check to get to work…. and thats about it.

 So…. now what?



  1. Lovely. This happened to my husband too, only (drum roll, please)… we weren’t even supposed to be on his insurance in the first place! He accidentally signed us up, verbally told them not to put us on it (he gets it free, but has to pay for family coverage), they said they wouldn’t. We get cards with his name only on them, so we don’t know anything is up. Three months later, they send him a letter saying that they’ve forgotten to take out the insurance money from his check since he started there, so they’re going to take it out at 1&1/2 times to get us caught up by the end of the last year. We protest that we weren’t even supposed to be on there, and didn’t know we were, and they basically say “tough toenails.” Argh. Fortunately, we had enough in savings to cover the short-fall, but it did strap us!

    Maybe your husband can work part-time somewhere–delivering newspapers, or pizza? Something to make some extra money?


  2. He already has several ‘side jobs’ going… he is doing as much as he can. But his experience revolves around about 20 years in the industrial safety field. He’s doing what he can to find a job, and in the meantime, he has a few lined up down the road. It’s just been a slow couple of months following the end of the year, holidays, no one is taking safety classes, giving training…. so the first few months of the year are always tight for us.

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