Posted by: Lizabeta | March 6, 2008

Business in todays world…

Requires using the internet. I don’t even know where my phone book is anymore. It does not even occur to me to look for it. If you aren’t on the internet, you don’t exist. Neither does your business… more importantly, neither does my patronship.

 You don’t need to be Amazon… you don’t need to be Ebay. Your site does not have to have glorious animation and Flash introductions, ActiveX controls or even Frames. But for goodness sake… if you run a business… put it on the internet. Make a simple page, use a blog, have someone do it for you… whatever. Just get your name, address, services, a useful way to contact you, and hopefully, prices up there.

I tried to call In Shape Sports Club yesterday, because they don’t list any vague hint of membership pricing on their pages. No…. they won’t give them out over the phone either, though they’d be happy to schedule you for an appointment. “To show you our newest renovations and different packages.” Look, bud… I’ve already been a member there… I know what you have, and I already want to be a member, you don’t have to sell me anything. I just want to know how much! …. Edit: Removed a sexist comment that was derogatory towards men. That was a rude, unfair and completely unprovoked comment. (Wouldn’t be right even if it was provoked.)

Put your relevant information on the internet. It’s cheap, its available, its important and you are cutting your own nose off if you don’t. ‘Nuff said.


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