Posted by: Lizabeta | February 29, 2008


Just yesterday I was deploring the choices I have to make… today I’m thrilled (in another area of my life) to have options… go figure.

There are less radical ways to take care of my problem than just removing my girl parts outright. I can try a medication, an IUD, abalation (they burn the inside of your uterus… sounds extreme… but it works)… and then if all that fails…. THEN they’ll consider a hysterectomy. Actually… if I truely wanted to skip it all… my doctor didn’t rule out giving me full overhaul now. But… I have options. And I think I’d like to try the reversible options before I remove my tetchy reproductive system entirely.

Yea for Options!

But first! A sonogram. Did you know Kaiser does them till 10:30 at night? Just in case you felt the need for a late night slurpee and sonogram….


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