Posted by: Lizabeta | February 28, 2008

Age of Maturity…

This blog… it seems to randomly assign a font to my posts… go figure…

 My daughter is rapidly approaching the “Age of Maturity”. I was … shall we say… active… at her age already. Seriously too young. Girl, remember what your knees are for…

I’ve been blunt with her… very blunt. You don’t want to be a single parent. You don’t want to be up nights with a sick infant vomiting on your bare chest while you were trying to nurse him or her back to sleep. You don’t want to be so strapped for cash that you find yourself cleaning the kitchen of someone who hasn’t cleaned it of their own volition in the past 10 years. You don’t want to take a toddler to the emergency room in the middle of the night wondering if it is serious or if you are totally over reacting. You don’t want to take a toddler to the emergency room who shows all the signs of appendicitis. You don’t want to clean the hundreds of nasty poopy stinky diapers or learn the ‘scent’ of your own childs bowel movements in comparison to the other five babies in the room. You don’t want to wonder if a man will ever look at you again when you can’t even find the time to take a shower, since that would mean leaving the now-mobile baby crawling around by themselves… since you have no one else to help you. Seriously girl… the few breathless moments of passion are not worth the years of agony you will cause yourself… and much more importantly, what you will have done to an innocent child who will pay the Consequences for Your actions. Keep your knees close, your legs together. Intimacy only moves forward… there is no back pedaling. Once you let a boy go so far, neither him or you is going to want to go back to holding hands.

How lucky she is that both her mother and her father want her in their lives. She complains about the long drive to Santa Rosa to see her mom on the weekends. She wants to see her mom badly, but the drive is tough. I told her to stop… that my son would give anything to have what she has. She said she never looked at it that way before.


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